A variety of undergraduate courses are taught by the group. These include lecture courses such as Sedimentary and Structural Geology, General Geosciences, Marine and Applied Geophysics, Geographic Information Systems. The field and practical courses include the first and second year undergraduate excursions to Heligoland and marine excursions on the Research Vessel Heincke. The Earth and Space Science section also has access to a small research boat (5m) which is used for short day excursions.

For access to the current undergraduate course and lecture material, please follow this link: 2015 Courses

The undergraduate courses can be broadly grouped into

  • General Geosciences: Introductory geosciences service course for a variety of majors including Earth and Space and IES
  • GIS Courses: GERDA, ESS Data Analysis II, Essential Geospatial Data Analysis, Introduction to Geographic Information System – GIS, Lab Rotation in Data Management, GIS and Visualization, GIS for Logisitics
  • Marine and Applied Geophysics; specialisation course in the geophysics and planetary geosciences track within Earth and Space
  • Excursions: Heligoland excursions for the first years, Heincke excursion for the second years, variety of small day excursions for second and third years
  • ESS/Geoastro Seminar, Guided Research (BSc Thesis supervision), and other soft skills courses

Contributions to the graduate courses includes:

  • ESSReS PhD School – introductory GIS classes
  • GeoOcean Dynamics – Sedimentology, Exploration Seismics
  • Summer Schools: Climate Change (2012)