Research Interests

People can look at things for years and not get it right ..

Prof. Brian Jacobs (1938 – 2001; Ireland’s Leading Geophysicist)

 Marine Hydrocarbon Exploration & Exploitation
  • Simulation of petroleum prolific areas by integrating geophysical data
  • Scenarios for petroleum generation, migration and accumulation
  • Assess the petroleum system and potential reservoirs for oil industry
Gas Hydrates & Fluid Flow Modelling
  • Sediment alteration during hydrate formation
  • Transport model of methane bearing fluids coupled with:
  • Thermodynamic hydrate stability, and
  • Pore pressure evolution including hydrate dissociation
  • Geodata processing & modelling
  • Spatial data analysis and visualization
  • Video-mosaicking, marine habitat mapping
  • Interactive Web GIS linked to marine sensor networks
Marine Resource Management
  • Coldwater (deepsea) corals
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Geo-information (Marine GIS)
  • International Environmental Law & Ocean Policy & Bio-diplomacy