Over the past years a number researchers have worked in my group. The group has been loosely coined “Marine and Applied Geophysics” since it covers a broad range of interests and fields in the geosciences. One of the most important members of the group is Florian Neu, who provides crucial and valuable IT support.

Postdoctoral researchers


MAG Group photo - Yanzhe Fu receives his PhD ..

MAG Group photo – Yanzhe Fu receives his PhD ..

  • Angelo Rossi – the most energetic, enthusiastic geologist who has made Mars his home, expert in GIS, remote sensing, supervises BSc, MSc and PhD students.


  • Angela Schaefer – GIS expert who helped to set up the GIS lab and took care of many of the EU GIS projects, taught ArcGIS and supervised BSc, MSc. and PhD students
  • Nora Hanelt – worked primarily on the EU – HERMES project as a marine biologist, co-ordinator and helped to develop the outreach section of this large EU project

PhD students



  1. Florian Wobbe – Paleogeography and paleotopography: dynamic constraints for paleoclimatic simulation at long timescales
  2. Vera Fofonova Simulation of the
    Laptev Sea shelf dynamics with focus on the Lena Delta region
  3. Jinpeng YangThe role of ciliates in structuring the plankton communities of the German Bight based on ecological, experimental and taxonomic investiga- tions
  4. Christian Katlein
  5. Jochen Wollschlaeger (2013)
  6. Jacob Hauschildt (2012) – Coupled Methane Hydrate Formation and Fluid Transport in Marine Sediments – Numerical Modelling and Case Studies
  7. Ruiju Tong (2012) – Benthic Habitat Mapping and Predicting of Lophelia Pertusa in Norwegian Margin
  8. Christian Ihrig – Carbon storage in geological formations: pressure evolution and leakage in large-scale multilayered systems
  9. Yanzhe Fu (2010) –
  10. Birte-Marie Ehlers (2009) – A geodynamic model of the northern North Atlantic

Past BSc Students

  1. Archishman Sarkar (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2014)
  2. Henrik Thomsen (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2014)
  3. Max Holicki (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2011): Gravitational Modeling of Olympus Mons. Supervisors – J, V & A
  4. Michael Lawrence (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2011): The internal structure of Halvfarryggen, Antarctica, revealed by airborne radio-echo sounding. Supervisors – J & V
  5. Sayandeep Khan (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2011), Concavity of Martian Craters and Relation to Climate (Planetary Sciences) Supervisors – V & A
  6. Charitra Jain(B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences,): Hydrogeological modeling of the Caprivi, Namibia (Remote Sensing and GIS) Supervisors – V & A
  7. Ishan Basyal (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2010): Gaseous H2/O2 Propulsion Systems. Supervisors – J
  8. Moritz Müller (B.Sc. Earth and Space Sciences, 2009): Magnetic Anomaly Interpretation of the North German Basin: Results from Depth Estimation and 2D-Modeling. Supervisors – J & V
  9. 2008, Sorin Stancu-Mara (BSc), Guided Research Project (CS/ESS), Automated integration of SEGY-Data into raster data server
  10. 2008, Mattia Parigiani (MSc) Master Thesis (CS/ESS) Automated map image data cleansing for geo Web services
  11. Alina Gainusa Bogdan (B.Sc. Geosciences and Astrophysics, 2008): Climate Sensitivity in Response to Extreme Solar Forcing Conditions: A Case Study on Polar Amplification. Supervisors – J & V
  12. 2007 Nora Luecke (BSc) Guided Research Project Fetch mapping for the arctic coast ( pdf 2.5 MB)
  13. 2007, Saksham Gautam (BSc) Guided Research project (CS/ESS) Remote sensing data integration into raster data server
  14. 2007, Roshani Sitaula (MSc) Guided Research in Data Management, GIS and Visualization Lab Cold Water Corals distribution (pdf 2.0 MB)
  15. Wilken-Jon van Appen (B.Sc. Geosciences and Astrophysics, 2007): Crustal Structure of the Namibian Continental Margin and the Walvis Ridge: Results from 3D Gravity Modeling. Supervisors – J & V
  16. 2006 December, Shumani M. Gete (BSc) Evidence of Gas Hydrates and their possible influence on geohazards along the Norwegian continental margin (image)
  17. 2006, Julia Stoian (BSc) Tectonic and seismic data integration 2006-2007,
  18. Anke Lederer (Diplom) Geoinformatics: Web Map Services programming 2007
  19. 2006, Lauren Ragooh (BSc) Guided research project: Interpolation and mass balances of water plumes/ hot smokers DeRidge